What You Almost Missed

by Jesus Disciple

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This is literally an album of "What You Almost Missed."

JD almost decided to dump most of these songs to move on to a brand new full length album, but then he realized what a waste it would be to never release them, so here they are!

If you enjoy what you hear, please consider donating to his ministry as he works toward releasing his first official album. You can make a donation of any amount through paypal: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4M5AGQSFLEBBN or send him an email at jdjesusdisciple@gmail.com to find out his mailing address. (No PayPal fees that way.)


released August 9, 2010

Special thanks to my beautiful, encouraging and very supportive girlfriend Amanda Nazario. Love you! Big thanks to my best friend Stephan Stafford for helping me out with the videos and skits. Thank you to all of my musical friends who made guest appearances: Kym France, Mandy Castino, Brent Smith, Jaban Foisy, Andrew Nielsen, Marlon Hines, Andrew Brown, Jeffrey Evans Jr, Jovan Mackenzy Rivers, & Jeremiah Bonds. Last, but not least. THANK YOU to everyone who downloads this and supports what I am doing. I really appreciate you all!



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Jesus Disciple San Jose, California

Throughout society, Jesus Christ’s name has been demeaned and degraded to little more than a cuss word. Most people are clueless to His worthiness and have no idea what respect and sincerity His name deserves. Jesus Disciple’s mission is to re-establish that sincerity by obeying the great commission of preaching the gospel and making disciples of all nations, specifically the nation of Hip Hop. ... more

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Track Name: Old School (Ft. Kym France)
The longevity is gone and the second that this song,
And the message gets across, they'll forget that it was on,
The listeners are spoiled, they don't know what it was like,
When an emcee ripped the mic without people feedin' 'em lines,
They were rappin' about emcees deceivin' with lies,
But now they do it themselves when they reach for a mic,
I'm here to teach and disciple, I've been readin' my bible,
That’s what I keep for survival and I speak what I write too,
You might be surprised, dude, that's how it used to be,
You used to have to write all of the words that you would speak,
Truthfully, I must admit it's never been perfect,
But it's time for participation, not just for observance,
I won't apologize for making you nervous,
But if you understand my words, I hope you feel my disturbance,
It's time to swerve quick, though I know we deserve this,
Hopefully, for our sake, God's going to purge us.

So as they do as they like, I'll keep pursuin' the mic,
'Cause God is usin' it, the movement is influencin' lives,
I don't care what they call this, I'll keep at it,
They're only mad, 'cause I wreak havoc, with beats blastin',
Gonna breeze past 'em, but I keep it classic,
I don't need to change my style on the weak after,
This mixtape comes out and everybody trips,
I'm consistent, but innovative, just like none of them,
They follow the trends, lookin' for the money makers,
They don't even care for the art, they're just a bunch of fakers,
Look where they're gonna take ya, right up to nowhere,
So ask yourself this, why would you wanna go there?
There's nothing to see, and though they call it new,
It's the same thing recycled and distributed to you,
They aren't livin' in the truth, so their lies are pervasive,
You're gonna have to choose, 'cause there's Christ and there's satan.

They're saying that I'm old school, is that what they told you?
Am I really wack because I've never used Pro Tools?
(That's old news!) But in the industry today,
Whatever was hot yesterday will only fade away.

The same songs that you hear today,
Will be gone before tomorrow,
I'm sorry that it has to be this way,
But we've still got time to borrow.
Track Name: Weak (Ft. Realistikk & Sandman of Chaos Theory)
These rappers rap like they're kids still, rappin' about their big wheels,
I can't believe anyone would listen to this, but it's real,
Indeed you'll, hear it from these fools while they tease you,
Talkin' about the money they've made, but they don't need you?
Please dude, do you expect everyone to believe you?
Wearing such a nice disguise, too bad it's see through,
You need to, figure out another way or leave soon,
We're not gonna take it any longer. We the people, release you!
We're sick of you mocking our minds,
You're lost, better find yourself before you rock on a mic,
I'm top of the line, because my God demands excellence,
I'm better with the skills that you're never gonna mettle with,
To settle it, you're wasting your time, you better quick,
Stop pretending you know how to rhyme, you know you're not legit,
Your god is sin, and it's obvious you follow him,
You're gonna fall again and that's when everyone's applause will end.

It's no secret, the majority is weak,
So I don't sleep, just peep ways to give 'em what they seek,
So lost, it's apparent, so they blame it on the parents,
And apparently we're soft, so we leave our seeds barren,
I bring the real, don't let my life go to waste,
'Cause there's no trace of flesh after life gets erased,
In the race, no intimidation by the simpletons,
I go for it, Realistikk never loses in the simple sin,
I simply win, 'cause the truth never fails,
His love entails everything we do upon the nails,
Now death has no sting, so we sing though in jail,
'Cause when it's all over, man, the truth will prevail,
They're gonna get it, choose the way or soon regret it,
I've seen the way the story ends, pathetic, man, don't let it,
Destroy you with the doom that looms, consumes all that's dreaded,
'Cause one day coming soon, everything is gonna perish.

I saw truth, so I spoke it,
Took a detour from the circus once I wrote it, the opus,
Clown-type rappers, Oscar-winning actors,
Liars, led a generation right behind ya,
Pied piper, through the night, turn the lights up,
This is what I fight for, life, to live it righteous,
So the breaks over, game over, quarters run out,
We about to take flight, no change over,
I won't touch down until Christ touches down,
Radio got crazy, so we ushered in a sound,
That'll poke and prod, yet guarantee it'll nod your head,
But you need to listen with your eyes and heart,
That'll fight the enemy, clear out the fog, jog your memory,
Walk the path you was destined from the start,
Find a fork in the road, chew up the food for thought,
No limelight, but rhymes rife with life in the art.

Every word that you spit is absurd, it's like,
From what I've heard you don't even deserve a mic,
Why do we even keep giving you time to speak?
When it's apparent every line you write is weak.
Track Name: The Case For Christ (Ft. J-Byn & MC Lars)
In the States it's become accepted,
To think the Bible's not reliable or even authentic,
Two thousand years ago it all began,
With the life, death and resurrection of a man,
"Christ the man, he existed, no doubt,
But what's this controversy really all about?
Power, tradition, fear and control,
Nevermind that preaching love was Christ's true goal,"
His true goal? Sure, He spoke about love,
But He also claimed that He had come from heaven above,
He said that He was the way, the truth and the life,
And the only way to heaven is to trust in the Christ,
We have to agree that some have misused the Bible,
But Jesus didn't die so they could have a better title,
It's not about tradition, Jesus hated religion,
It was the legalists that wanted 'em to take Him to prison.

"Let's take a look at the Synoptic Gospels,
Compared to John, how is this possible?
Conflicting facts on the virgin birth,
Is it even detrimental to our teachers worth?
Exorcisms, loaves and fishes,
Healing the disabled and even granting wishes,
Factual proof? The truth is nebulous,
Lack of continuity has left me incredulous."
There's no major contradiction, just minor differences,
The core stays the same while avoiding collusion,
Different authors, different eyes to witness with,
Painting a full picture with their points of vision,
Fulfilled 2,000 prophesies, including crucifixion,
Odds of this happening is 1 in 13 trillion.
Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem,
As prophesied, something that he couldn't have ever planned.

"If Christ really died on a cross and came back?
Where is all the evidence? where are all the facts?
First person narratives, like the game of telephone,
The men that make the promises, the truth is really quite unknown,"
Besides the Bible, others wrote about Jesus,
Like Tassedus and a historian named Josephus,
After His resurrection He appeared to His friends,
Then was seen by a crowd of over 500 hundred men,
"Buddha was a prophet, so was Abraham,
Krishna and Mohammed shared the master plan,
Give Christ props, but before you start preaching,
Learn about the man and the myth from His teachings,"
Many prophets have stepped on earth and they've died,
But Jesus was the only one to come back to life,
Don't listen to me, JD, Lars or the church,
Think for yourself and do your own research.

Is Jesus the son of God or only a fraud?
Was the tomb really empty? Do you think it was robbed?
Is the Bible we read today inspired by God?
The case for Christ, the case for Christ,
Who is Jesus? Historical misrepresentation?
Folk lore, a myth? exaggeration?
If Jesus came once, what if He's coming again?
The case for Christ, the case for Christ.
Track Name: Redemption
What does it really mean to be redeemed?
I know it means a lot more then just a "Jesus thing",
It means your hearts been cleansed, you can see it bleed,
By the power of the spirit you can please the king,
We're saved, not by works, but the cross of Christ,
The only means for anyone to walk in light,
You can't do it on your own with the will you have,
But by grace through the cross that fulfilled His wrath,
His son has descended on our behalf,
And He suffered all the punishment that we should have,
He chose to give His life so that we could live,
Bringing glory to His name as we turn from sin,
He renews us and gives us a thirst for Him,
So we can give Him our lives as we worship Him,
Jesus came and took our place so His love would show,
And He did it all Himself so that none could boast.

Jesus didn't come to judge, you're already condemned,
God is holy and He's just and we all should repent,
But we won't until we see that we've broken His laws,
We deserve, to be murdered by the holiest God,
Most don't really understand what it means to be just,
If they did, they wouldn't keep beefin' with us,
The fact is we all sin and deserve to die,
But we don't wanna hear the truth, so we turn to lies,
God is love, but without the disguise,
Of a fake hypocrite livin' just to see their demise,
Justifying their actions and hiding their lives,
Trying to make it into heaven while they're lying to Christ,
'Cause they're living in rebellion towards a holy judge,
Who doesn't tolerate sin, or withhold His grudge,
What are you gonna say when you're face to face,
When it's way too late for amazing grace.

Jesus Christ doesn't need your acceptance,
He demands that you're humble and you kneel in repentance,
Surrender your life and become dependent,
These are the elements of every redemption.

Sermon Audio clip of Paul Washer from his "10 Indictments" message.
Track Name: Jesus Wants You Dead
Nowadays, the church is really more like a circus,
There's clowns all around, but there’s no one to worship,
The show's real sick, but it's missing the purpose,
So we don't serve Him and our mission is worthless,
We like to pretend that our vision is perfect,
So we don't see the sin, within all our churches,
Fear of division is what keeps us a part,
But when the truth comes to light it only strengthens the heart,
Yet we flip the switch off so we can sleep in the dark,
And keep to the parts, of Christianity that we hark,
We don't accept the Bible as our ultimate truth,
We just see it as a tool for the pulpits and pews,
And when it agrees with everything we choose to believe,
But be not deceived, it probably won't do what you think,
Some people read the Bible for encouragement,
Before that, it should convict you to turn from sin!

Ok, “Jesus walks,” but I haven't seen you move,
Talk all you want, where's the actual true proof,
You better stop before He has to remove you,
And you hear the son say, "I never actually knew you."
It's true, dude, most people are really deceived now,
Thinkin' they can get to heaven living in denial,
And meanwhile, we keep trying to open your mind,
But you choose to keep it locked up, closed and confined,
You can ignore what your spirit is for,
And live to abhore the truth that I spit like a sword,
Or you can listen when I try to reveal truth,
But either way, God's still gonna have to kill you,
Jesus Christ wants you to die to the flesh,
Knife in your chest, everyday we crucify it again,
Commit suicide, don’t allow a rival within,
Die to the flesh now or you might die in your sins.

That's right, Jesus wants you dead,
And He won't be satisfied 'til it's off with your head,
You can't live everyday thinking you ought to be blessed,
When you sin in rebellion towards the God of the text,
Acting like He owes you cash, cars, yachts and a jet,
Prayin’ to God, hoping you win the lottery next,
God should be vexed, He is and He’s hotter then heck,
Better be careful, you might be who He’s slaughterin’ next,
Gotta confess, repent and then turn from your sins,
If you don’t, you should know, you’re gonna burn in the end,
He never promised that you’re gonna want all that you get,
And if you don’t follow Him, you’ll get caught up with wind,
I’ll keep it simple, you can still be lost in your sin,
Even when you’re claiming that you give all honor to Him,
You wanna get in? Then be obedient to the call,
And stop acting like he owes you everything that you want.

You can say you want to "live the life,"
But the way you act, it seems like you've missed the light,
You can try all you want to be "Christian-like,"
But it doesn't really matter 'til you live to die. (Jesus wants you dead!)
Track Name: Our Reputations
This world is selfish, it’s like we’ve got a hell wish,
Some people say they’re Christians, but I can’t even tell which,
We’re so rebellious, living for the moment,
Forsaking God’s atonement, becoming His opponents,
He never left us, we chose to disown Him,
You try to dethrone Him, but won’t and you know it,
We live spoiled ‘cause there’s no persecution,
We sin even though we know the solution,
Christians in Korea who fear for their lives,
Are committed more then we are to live for the Christ,
We sit, living rich in our high tech churches,
They live their profession and they’d die just to worship,
We live perverted, acting like it’s worth it,
Jesus is deserted, fashion is the purpose,
They’ll die for a scrap, even a piece of the Bible,
We cry over nothin’ and we need a revival,

We won’t even pray, in case we’re offensive,
As evil gains way and His names disrespected,
God forgive us, we’re acting like heathens,
We live scared just to say the name Jesus,
You’re a believer, then what do you believe?
The more that you sleep, the more that you will reap,
From the harvest that’s been disregarded,
How hard is it to live in the darkness,
When you’ve got the brightest light in history?
Yet you decide, to hide it like a mystery,
We complain about not being accepted,
While Christians all over the world are beheaded,
We’ve got nerve to retreat and betray Him,
We’ve given in to deceit straight from satan,
We’re saying Amen, but when the praise ends,
Will we portray Him or blatantly fake it?

We’re too safe and it’s making us lazy,
We face no opposition, so stay thinking, maybe,
Debating, whether Christ’s names worth saying,
Acting like we don’t even know if it’s worth praying,
What cowardice, if it’s not coming out of our lips,
When the hour hits, rocks will shout to the outer rim,
If you’re doubtin’ this, just wait, you’ll see I’m right,
When it shines through and everybody sees the light,
A sobering moment when His throne is in sight,
I bet you’re gonna hope you made the most of your life,
It’s time for action, no time for kickin’ back and,
Start livin’ active, with passion, for the matchless,
Sick of detachment, we live to connect,
With the God who would have us, who sinned with contempt,
But if you deny Christ, He’ll deny you,
You’ll see when you die, He won’t let you guys through.

If you’re hated, you know there’s even worse,
Others get slain just for carrying a verse,
We cry over words and our reputations,
While people get murdered for their dedication.

Sermon Audio clip of Paul Washer from his "Shocking Youth Message."
Track Name: If (Ft. Fly of Chaos Theory)
If we actually lived like we loved Him,
Instead of acting like we thought that we were above Him,
We keep trying to elevate ourselves in His place,
Instead of living out what He wills for this day,
A disgrace, living our lives in sins chains,
While claiming that we're free from the law and in grace,
Like it's changed, but we're still in bondage,
And we're just like dogs going back to their vomit,
Be honest, this is how they lived in Sodom,
Thinking that He can't see and God's forgot us,
We're lost, just hiding from the facts we can't miss,
Because we don't really wanna see what's happened,
That's just crazy, we can't remain blind,
And say to ourselves that he's opened our eyes,
Keep em closed tight so you can see the darkness,
When the times right, God will spark it.

If we actually lived like we loved Him,
Gave Him all our trust and put no one above Him,
Praised His name for the life that He's given us,
Amazing grace covered the sin that had lived in us,
Lived to life Him up, daily to die to self,
Picking our crosses up, waiting as time will tell,
Whether we really died and were crucified with Him,
Living the New Life, forsaking the life of sin,
That we once lived, but now regenerated,
He replaced our hearts of stone with hearts renovated,
To demonstrate so the rest of the earth sees,
So they can understand what the word rebirth means.
By all means, we're read and seen living epistles for the King,
Who died on Calvary for the grittiest of things,
He'll never leave us nor forsake us, man, He's undeniable,
Gratifying to the soul and highly reliable,
Now when we all gon' grow up? be held accountable,
Or does that seem as though it's too much or insurmountable?
Jesus deleted the sin that was reignin' within,
Redemptive work at Calvary was God's ultimate plan.

"If it wasn't for this and it wasn't for that,"
Would we see some change? (If we actually lived like we loved Him)
"If it wasn't for this and it wasn't for that,"
He'd reveal His face. (If we actually lived like we loved Him)
Track Name: Fight For Revolution (Ft. Mastermind & Disciple X)
I'm not content to sit back and watch,
As the lives of my friends and family fall apart,
I've gotta do my part, to watch out for poisonous darts,
That the wiles of the devil try to point at our hearts,
When we listen to the words of deceitful men,
And the flesh that we please again,
We must submit to the Spirit and humble ourselves,
If you listen, better hear it or you'll stumble to hell,
Don't trust in your self, 'cause our hearts deceive us,
Instead, turn from your sin, and give it all to Jesus,
Only He can atone for the grievous atrocities,
We repeat constantly, it's what people don't wanna see,
Though it's the war that's inside of us all,
We'd rather ignore facts, so we can live like were dogs,
The struggle begins in the hearts of men,
So we pray God will bring about a spark within.

I fight spiritually, rhymes are protection,
Got Christ in my life, nah mean? Greatest investment, son!
While you trippin' on traitors and guns,
I'm killin' demons while praying in tongues, holding faith to the One!
I got a dial that's way in the son,
I got a Bible that's placed in my thumbs, hold it, it raises me up!
To anybody praising Christ, let's meet Him in prayer,
Old Testament rap, prophesy like Isaiah!
While you trippin' 'cause your boots are made from the gator,
I'll be in the house of the Lord praising the Savior,
Yeah, awaken my soul, I'm mad now,
Almost passed out, saw the devil on black clouds,
He's coming to get, come to final the bets,
Fight with the flesh and claim that he's the one, like David Koresh,
Ya'll sloppy with it, just makin' a mess,
And I'll go out with the Trinity, take three in the chest.

The world is in a whirlwind,
You're hurled in it the minute you first sin,
The earth spins into perverseness,
At first glimpse, you see the worst is beginning to worsen,
As you get into some bigger worse sins then you first did,
You figure that if it works then you'll get your thirst quenched,
But it simply isn't worth it,
You'll only get further immersed in with a berserk binge,
You follow the deceit of the serpent,
But still we sittin' in the seats of our churches,
Instead of evangelizing, bringing a purpose,
Instead of a stand to fight, we in the services,
But when do we plan to rise like Jesus on earth did?
Nobody want to take aim, so they place blame,
Thinkin' it's okay to stay the same, but we ain't playin',
It's Disciple X and Mastermind with JD,
We here to fight to the death, bring the hook!

We've waited too long, but now it's our time,
Do you know there's a battle fought over your life?
Raise your fist to the sky, it's time for retribution,
Make this mission your life, we fight for revolution.
Track Name: Apostate Arminian (Ft. Jovan Mackenzy)
I used to be an Arminian,
But then God saved me and now I'm regenerate,
I thought I was saved because I chose Him,
But when He saved me, that's when I repented,
Prior to that, I was deceived by an idol,
That kept me from humility and helped make my pride grow,
I thought salvation depended on my choice,
But even after I chose, sin was still my toy,
I had a concept of God that I did love,
But it didn't matter next to what desire for sin was,
I still loved what a true Christian hates,
I was too distracted by foolish debates,
Between opinions of men and God's word,
Human logic, against the divine author,
Before I was aware of the doctrines of grace,
When the word of God was preached, I'd stare off into space.

Most Christians attribute salvation,
To something that they did, to me it's amazin',
That anyone could claim their actions saved them,
Thus claiming responsibility for something grace did,
But they don't even realize what they're saying,
But they're stealing glory from God in the work of salvation,
When Christ died on the cross He secured us,
So the ones the Father chose would persevere with endurance,
I can't believe what they teach in some churches,
Some preachers make it sound like you could actually earn it,
By doing something that would merit God's favor,
When the only thing you deserve is His wrath and His anger,
What makes you think that a depraved wretch,
Was capable of anything that doesn't deserve death?
We're only saved by God's grace through faith,
In which faith is God's gift, we receive through grace.

I'm an apostate Arminian,
Apostate Word of Faith, apostate TD Jakes,
I'm a sinner, of course I'm in need of grace,
Now I rep Jesus, I want you to see He's great,
I was in the religious congregations,
And used to think I was getting divine revelations,
Yeah, on that Mary K Baxter tip,
I was dead, then I rose like Lazarus,
Man, I thought I chose God, but He chose me,
I was self-righteous, not holy,
I learned sound doctrine and Election,
Dropped The Narrow Road, lost most of my best friends,
Now I'm no longer signed, I'm independent,
Free from the Law, I'm walking in independence,
Ya'll know me, you don't gotta ask questions,
I believe in Election, your boys predestined.

"Hey, Jesus Disciple, are you a Calvinist?"
Yep, you bet, and I'm proud of it,
God the Father has chosen and predestined me,
So I surrender my life and give Him everything,
I'm an Apostate Arminian,
Thanks to God's grace, He put an end to it,
Now I could never imagine that I determined it,
'Cause if it wasn't for God, I would still live in sin.

Note: When I say I am "proud" of being a Calvinist, don't take that as me taking pride in myself. If you understand that God did all of the work, there is no work of your own to take pride in. I can't boast in my salvation and I can't boast in my new understanding of God's grace. I boast in Christ alone! :)

Sermon Audio clips from C.J. Mahaney's message "Sovereign Grace" available here: http://www.sovereigngracestore.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=A1251-00-51
Track Name: Take My Life
Am I so naive? That I've really come to believe,
That the change I experience is because of me,
That can't be! We’re not capable of saving ourselves,
It's only by God's grace and the faith that were dealt,
Open my eyes, you've given sight to the blind,
You breathe life into dead bones and they come alive,
I wanna die, help me put the flesh to death,
So I can live in the spirit until there's no breathe left,

Take my life! I won’t be satisfied until I'm a corpse,
Whatever it takes, I don't want to live anymore,
Take my life! I'm sick of just playing these games,
I'll be on my knees praying until a change takes place.

I've professed Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life,
But is the life that I live really a portrait of Christ?
Is He my portion forever and do I treasure Him most?
Or do I worship an idol while I ignore what He wrote?
Do I live for His glory, or do I live for myself?
Am I depicting the story or is it still on the shelf?
Is my vision distorted, or have you given me sight?
I’m praying with all my heart that you take my life.
Track Name: The Way It Used To Be (Ft. ArtOfacT)
I sit back to reminisce, remember when?
Hip hop was more then this nonsense that never ends,
It was better than the wack trash always on the radio,
Try to send em something dope, they won't play it though,
They don't wanna listen to somethin' incredible,
They settle for the lesser 'cause it seems more edible,
Authenticity is traded in for mass appeal,
And whether or not you have a deal,
It's about who you know and not who you really are,
Or even if you have love for the art,
I'm tired of sittin back, waitin' for somethin' to start,
Or to hear a rhyme, that actually comes from the heart,
I'm not above what you are, but don't you wanna elevate?
Give up the whole facade and just celebrate,
I'm here to delegate, and show you all a better way,
And unify the essentials they wanna separate. (Is that okay?)

The way it used to be back in the day,
Attaching each great line to match the breaks,
But now it's attacked by the fakes, the wackest of names,
Gave rapping it's grave, we're all passing away,
Imagine ArtOfacT in a rap magazine,
Grabbing the green because "Hip Hop is me"!
Nah, never that, never selling out for the cash flow,
But always attacking those rap jokes,
Every day me and JD be praying for it's rebirth,
But every emcee's dirt, we need work,
A tree grows from it's root and that's the truth,
But without a seed to plant it from we can't prove,
That Hip Hop had take a bad move full of bad fruit,
That's passed due, like your rap crew,
Matter of fact you can rap too?
But skill don't come overnight, it's hard to rock these mics!

When Hip Hop as you, when Hip Hop was me,
Oh, how I miss, the way that it used to be.