Reconciled - Single

by Jesus Disciple

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I'm not ashamed, you understand cause you know the name,
I wear my faith, when I rap, to expose shame,
Now its a trend, to lessen the extent,
That our message condemns men for living in their sin,
But without the Law, the Gospel is senseless,
They need the context to make sense of repentance,
We can't neglect it, they gotta to be warned,
That were evil from the moment that our bodies are born,
Some slaughter with swords, the rest commit murder by hate,
Sin is worse than inconvenient, without common grace,
There would never be a place, to escape and be safe.
It's within our very nature, we need to be saved,
We're depraved, undeserving of grace,
But God's sovereignly chosen to show us His face,
If we repent, He willingly bears our sin,
So we can be reconciled to Him.

I'm compelled by the love and the fear of God,
If my message is too blunt you can turn it off,
But my prayer is that your heart is convicted,
Of sin by the spirit of the God who is livin',
Jesus died on a cross and was lifted,
Three days later from the grave, He is risen!
God made Him sin, who knew no sin,
So we could be recipients of righteousness,
True indeed, there is reason for hope,
God's constantly, pursuing the people He chose,
From the weakest of folks, He displays His greatness,
It blows my mind that He'd consider to save us,
Should have detained us, with a sentenced to death,
But He's patient, every day given us breath,
So I implore you, on behalf of Christ,
Be reconciled to the Master of Life.

Nobody's born as a child of God,
You're gonna be reconciled or lost, no other options.
You could never pay the price it cost,
It's way too high, your only hope is adoption.


released July 15, 2013
Produced by Sycho Gast



all rights reserved


Jesus Disciple San Jose, California

Throughout society, Jesus Christ’s name has been demeaned and degraded to little more than a cuss word. Most people are clueless to His worthiness and have no idea what respect and sincerity His name deserves. Jesus Disciple’s mission is to re-establish that sincerity by obeying the great commission of preaching the gospel and making disciples of all nations, specifically the nation of Hip Hop. ... more

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